Breast Augmentation Aftercare: Will My Scars Be Visible?

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There are a variety of ways breast augmentations can be performed which can change the location of the scars.  Some of the most common locations for scars from breast augmentation are (1) in the fold under the breast, (2) at the margin of the areola, or (3) in the axilla (armpit).  These are the three most common ways silicone implants can be placed to the breasts.  There are some surgeons that will make an incision at the umbilicus (belly button) and blindly advance a SALINE implant into the breast region. (But this can only be done with SALINE implants).  I prefer placing my incision in the fold under the breast, which hides the scar very well and stays away from the areola which has bacteria in the ducts.  There is also more of a chance that there could be altered sensation to the nipple/areola with this incision.

After surgery you will be in a surgical bra.  All incisions will be covered and they are closed with dissolvable sutures under the skin.  You will have a restrictions on how much you can lift for the first few weeks after surgery and this is limited to about 10 pounds.  After the first week you will be transitioned into a sports bra that you will wear for the next 4-6 weeks or until your incisions are less tender and ready for a traditional (underwire) bra.  After surgery you will be given a script for pain medication, of which, most of our patients only end up needing for the first 1 – 2 days after surgery.

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