Revision Plastic Surgery

What Is Revision Plastic Surgery?


The demand for revision plastic surgery is rising due to the increase in botched plastic surgeries completed by inexperienced, non-board-certified doctors. Revision plastic surgery is needed when a procedure is poorly performed and produces unsightly results. Doing a quick online search for “botched plastic surgeries” will yield plenty of results to prove that poorly performed plastic surgery is a real issue for patients.


Here are some common scenarios that may be candidates revision plastic surgery:

  • Poor, unnatural appearance of breasts after breast augmentation
  • Asymmetry in size or shape of breasts after procedure
  • Inappropriate implant size or position of breast implants
  • Implant rippling of breast implants
  • Implant tightening/capsule contracture in breast augmentation
  • Unnatural or uneven nipple position after breast augmentation
  • Excess abdominal skin after liposuction


Peace Of Mind


At Chau Plastic Surgery, our surgeons, Dr. Bruce Chau and Dr. Barak Tanzman, are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. This simply means that plastic surgery is our surgical specialty. Our surgeons are not only trained to master facial and body procedures, but also to prevent and handle necessary emergencies. This in itself provides peace of mind to our patients as they are confident that we true specialists in our craft of plastic surgery.


What If I Need A Revision Procedure?


If you think that you need a revision procedure, the first thing you should do is contact us for a consultation. Our surgeons will evaluate your condition and suggest the best solution that will balance your needs and what is medically safe/possible.


Dr. Bruce Chau and Dr. Barak Tanzman have had extensive experience in performing revision plastic surgery on patients who had their original procedures done by different surgeons. Keep in mind, however, that depending on the degree of damage originally caused by the original procedure, your situation may or may not be treatable. The only way to find out is to sit down with our doctors so we can thoroughly evaluate your situation.


Still think you need revision plastic surgery? Call us at 248-799-2880 or contact us today!