Recent Film Spotlights Another Side of Plastic Surgery

For many people, the words “plastic surgery” illicit thoughts of elective surgical procedures designed to improve a patient’s physical appearance, whether they need it or not. But while plastic surgery can fit this description, many people don’t realize that it is often used for...

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It’s Not Illegal to Lie About Medical Specialties in Some Areas

When seeking a plastic surgeon, many patients think they’re doing their due diligence by looking for all the right qualities: an excellent portfolio, a fair price and good patient reviews. But many patients take one very important piece of information for granted: board certification....

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What is Voluma?

This week’s blog is all about a relatively new product on the market called Voluma®.  This product is from the company Allergan that many may already know of because of their other popular products like Juvederm® and Botox®.  Like Juvederm®, Voluma® is a type...

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